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Hello, I am Miri Urman, a Filmmaker, Director and Editor.IMG 8194

When I finished my Academic studies and while working as a Director

at Israel Educational TV, I started my own filmmaking on social topics,

especiallly about environment, homebirths and self  healing.

I believe that knowledge provides power to people, and I desire to promote freedom of choice for women in birth and for all people to find their right healing.

In this site you can find information about me, watch my films,

and if you are from Israel, you can also order a film screening along with a lecture.


Have a nice tour,


Homebirth Stories

homebirth stories black DVD

Gila and Amit, Einav and Sharon, Itahel and Dror, three couples share their homebirth stories. They present their deliberations and their decision making process and their personal conclusion that homebirth is the most favorable birthing option for them. The movie shows various homebirth choices, including waterbirth, squatting, dry land birth, use of a birthing stool, and simply birthing in bed.

trio couples

Watch the trailer

המשך קריאה: Homebirth Stories

Planet Earth Once

Copy of final final poster In the midst of the scorching July heat, members of a group known as Megama Yeruka leave their comfortable urban setting to deliver a powerful and compelling  message to the people. In a large and colorful truck they travel throughout the countryside urging people to focus on the health of the environment. During their  month-long journey the construction of the Trans-Israel Highway is completed, which they had tried with many friends to stop, using every possible means. This  traveling festival creates fascinating human encounters and brings new dimensions to the daily life in towns and villages they visit.


 Festivals the film has participated in:

 Ecocinema, Israel, 2004.

 Sviva Teva, Israel 2005.

 Catalonia Invironmental International Film Festival, 2005.

 Planet in Focus, Toronto, Canada 2005.

 Mefest, Serbia 2005.

 Vatavaran, India 2005.

 Hazel Wolf, Seattle, Washington 2006.



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Watch the film "Planet Earth Once" here

Read an article about the film 

Birth Dialogue

 DVD eng

Birth Dialogue - A HomeBirth documentary film

Hormones, anxiety and lots of unknowns blend together as Miri and Amit are about to have their first child – away from the interfering elements of a traditional hospital birthing center.

This is a story about a couple living a non-traditional lifestyle, making uncommon choices from having a home birth to raising their child in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Tel Aviv.

Take an intimate journey with the parents-to-be as they document the months leading up to their home birth, as well as the delivery itself.

Birth Dialogue channel on youtube


המשך קריאה: Birth Dialogue

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