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HomeBirth Stories

Gila and Amit, Einav and Sharon, Itahel and Dror, three couples share their homebirth stories. They present their deliberations and their decision making process and their personal conclusion that homebirth is the most favorable birthing option for them. The movie shows various homebirth choices, including waterbirth, squatting, dry land birth, use of a birthing stool, and simply birthing in bed.

Itahel and Dror decided to birth their first son in a birth pool in their living room, and their second son on dry land. Although Itahel chose waterbirth for her first birth, during her next birth she decided to leave the pool and go to her bed to birth. This demonstrates the importance of being free to choose the right birth environment and position during the actual birth and the necessity of flexibility, which is so often not possible in a hospital environment _______________________________________
Einav and Sharon birthed their three children at home, and plan more homebirths for their future children. Their story shows us just how involved the partner is in the decision making process and his major participation in their homebirth. We also see the important role of the midwife and how she accompanies the couple throughout the pregnancies and births of their children
Gila and Amit birthed their first child in the midwives birthing clinic, but their second daughter ended up being born in hospital due to prematurity. They compare their two birth experiences, home and hospital. Despite the hospital birth, they refuse to relinquish their right of choice in birth, and manage to have a natural birth in hospital

The movie, "Homebirth Stories", was created out of a desperate need to take homebirth "out of the closet" in Israel, and to relate the humanistic side of birth to all those couples who are seeking childbirth information and birthing options.

This is not a crusade against hospital births or anti-medical establishment. Every woman has a right to choose where she would prefer to give birth. While a natural hospital birth is possible, it is likewise important to view natural births before birth to help prepare the woman and her husband for the childbirth experience. The movie "Homebirth Stories" was created with the intention to show that homebirth is not only for the rich or pure naturalists, but can be a viable option for many couples.

Produced and Directed by Amit Miller, Miri Urman
Filmed by Avigail Sperberg
Music By Tomi Petrover, Kevvin
Documentry 2009 Hebrew, English Subtitles