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Birth Dialogue

Hormones, anxiety and lots of unknowns blend together as Miri and Amit are about to have their first child – away from the interfering elements of a traditional hospital birthing center.

This is a story about a couple living a non-traditional lifestyle, making uncommon choices from having a home birth to raising their child in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Tel Aviv.

Take an intimate journey with the parents-to-be as they document the months leading up to their home birth, as well as the delivery itself.

Israel 2007, 52 min

Hebrew, English subtitles

Directors, Cinematographers and Editors: Amit Miller, Miri Urman

Original Music: Ronny Shubinsky, Amos Gheva

Sound Design: Assaf Biton – Tomer Biran Music

Produced by U&Mi Filmmakers 

Bith Dialogue is supported for international marketing by Israel Lottery Council for the Arts

Film Festivals:

May 2007 – Ecocinema, The International Ecological Film Festival, Tel-Aviv, Israel.

April 2008 – The 10th International Women’s Film Festival, Seoul, Korea

September 2008 - The Motherbaby International Film Festival, Hamilton, Bermuda.

September 2008 - The VIII Flaheriana International Documentary Film Festival, Perm, Russia.

Octobet 2008 - The Motherbaby International Film Festival, Traverse City, Michigan, USA.

November 2008 – 1st China International Environment Protection Film Festival

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