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HomeBirth Stories


Gila and Amit, Einav and Sharon, Itahel and Dror, three couples share their homebirth stories. They present their deliberations and their decision making process and their personal conclusion that homebirth is the most favorable birthing option for them. The movie shows various homebirth choices, including waterbirth, squatting, dry land birth, use of a birthing stool, and simply birthing in bed.

The film "Homebirth Stories", was created out of a desperate need to take homebirth "out of the closet" in Israel, and to relate the humanistic side of birth to all those couples who are seeking childbirth information and birthing options.

Produced and Directed by Amit Miller, Miri Urman

Filmed by Avigail Sperberg

Music By Tomi Petrover, Kevvin

Documentry 2009 Hebrew, English Subtitles

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