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Planet Earth Once

In the midst of the scorching July heat, members of a group known as Megama Yeruka leave their comfortable urban setting to deliver a powerful and compelling  message to the people.


In a large and colorful truck they travel throughout the countryside urging people to focus on the health of the environment. During their  month-long journey the construction of the Trans-Israel Highway is completed, which they had tried with many friends to stop, using every possible means.


This  traveling festival creates fascinating human encounters and brings new dimensions to the daily life in towns and villages they visit.


Festivals the film has participated in:

Ecocinema, Israel, 2004.

Sviva Teva, Israel 2005.

Catalonia Invironmental International Film Festival, 2005.

Planet in Focus, Toronto, Canada 2005.

Mefest, Serbia 2005.

Vatavaran, India 2005.

Hazel Wolf, Seattle, Washington 2006.

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