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Birth dialogue


Hormones, anxiety and lots of unknowns blend together as Miri and Amit are about to have their first child - away from the interfering elements of a traditional hospital birthing center.

This is a story about a couple living a non-traditional lifestyle, making uncommon choices from having a home birth to raising their child in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Tel Aviv.

Take an intimate journey with the parents-to-be as they document the months leading up to their home birth, as well as the delivery itself.

Israel 2007, 52 min

Hebrew, English subtitles

Directors, Cinematographers and EditorsAmit Miller, Miri Urman

Original Music: Ronny Shubinsky, Amos Gheva

Sound Design: Assaf Biton – Tomer Biran Music

Produced by U&Mi Filmmakers 

Bith Dialogue is supported for international marketing by Israel Lottery Council for the Arts

Film Festivals:

May 2007 – Ecocinema, The International Ecological Film Festival, Tel-Aviv, Israel.

April 2008 – The 10th International Women's Film Festival, Seoul, Korea

September 2008 - The Motherbaby International Film Festival, Hamilton, Bermuda.

September 2008 - The VIII Flaheriana International Documentary Film Festival, Perm, Russia.

October 2008 - The Motherbaby International Film Festival, Traverse City, Michigan, USA.

November 2008 – 1st China International Environmental Protection Film Festival

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