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It's a Wrap (2022) - Amit Miller and Miri Urman's film

It's A Wrap - a film by Miri Urman and Amit Miller

Grand Prix at Saratov Sufferings FF, Best Direction Award at Life Byond Life FF Italy, Haifa Film Festival.

Grandma Haya decides to stop eating, stop taking her medication, and begins organizing her farewell party from life. Her friends and family try to dissuade her, but Haya is adamant about her decision.

Miri, Haya’s daughter, finds herself caught between her desire to help her mother organize the farewell party, and her fear that she will soon become an orphan. This is also Miri's last chance to find out from her mother the origins of her father, whom Miri has never met.


Production: Avigail Sperber - Pardes Productions, Original Score: Arkady Duchin, Narration: Rivka Michaeli, Soundtrack design: Asaf Biton, Design and Animation: Grandma , Yaron Shin with Guy Adot, Colorist: Aharon peer

The film "It's A Wrap" was supported by the Rabinowitz Foundation.

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Haifa Festival, Pardes hana, Rehovot Cultural Center, Herzliya Cinematheque, Tel Aviv Cinematheque, Kibbutz Gesher, Holon Cinematheque, Inbal Theater, Kfar Daniel, Kibbutz Tel Katzir, Jerusalem Cinematheque, Klil, Orot, Kamon, Haifa Cinematheque, Kibbutz TseraA, Shapira Tel Aviv, Beit Elazari, Kibbutz Reim, Kibbutz Naan, Mandarin Tel Aviv, Doku TV, Arugot, Schiller Group, Shaare Zedek hospital, mazkeret batya, Avigdor, Gvaram, nir banim, shaar hagolan, kazerin, kfar masarik, hqrn haifa, bait bapalmach jerusalem, karmey yosef, spiritual cinema, nir daviv

"It's A Wrap" 

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"It's A Wrap" - Reviews


In one fascinating hour full of emotion, wisdom and beauty together, when everything is seasoned with wonderful music (Arkady Duchin is also there), charming animation and humor, the movie 'Live in the Movie' introduces the audience to an important and instructive personal story.


A wonderful, moving, healing film made with wisdom and sensitivity. Thanks Miri

 and a colleague on this piece


An excellent film, about a life worth living

Thinking about him, talking about him, and highly recommend catching the first screening. soon


A film that touches the soul, the heart, and inspires us to think about the right to live with dignity, the right to decide about our bodies, to live for ourselves.. What a brave and inspiring woman - alive in the full sense of the word, master of her life. And how powerful is your choice to allow death to enter your home, and to be like birth, a gate between worlds. An educational, enriching, exciting film.

to me

A gentle film, full of emotions of all kinds and with a brave and very true statement. Highly recommended.

I would define it as a study preparation course

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