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Women Journey to Rishikesh

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An intimate and colorful women's journey to Rishikesh, India, the Yoga world capital. The battery of the universe.




A healing journey of yoga, pranayama, meditation, interesting encounters with people and nature, with local masters, markets, ashrams, delicious food, surprising experiences. Accommodation in clean private room for each, including a private toilet and a hot water shower. 

Small group - up to 7 special women.

We will practice yoga, pranayama and meditation every morning, with me and with local masters alternately.

We will clean what needs to be cleaned, and will be charged with energy that strengthens and supports everyday life. Achieve balance and get tools for change. Simply and easily.

Join me... ❤️


I have been practicing yoga for more than half of my life. While making films and working as a video editor, I deepened in the studies of teaching yoga, yoga therapy and Ilan Lev method (ILM).

In 2022, together with my partner Amit Miller, I created the film "It’s a Wrap", a personal documentary film about closures with my mother in the end of her life. Again and again I was invited to film festivals in India to screen the film. Then of course in every such trip I also came to Rishikesh to practice yoga.


Rishikesh became a second home for me. With friends of the heart, beloved yoga and meditation teachers, the clean and magical Ganga River, smells and colors and exciting inner processes.

I realized that beyond my personal development, all this goodness came to me also to share it with other women.

Thus my women journeys to Rishikesh were born.


The next journey is on September 15 to 24.

You are most welcome to join me for a joyful magical experience.


Miri +972-52-2539072


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