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Television - directing and editing

For over 20 years (oh God how time flies...) I have been directing and editing documentaries, dramas and reality shows. Here are some things I did:

Documentary direction

"Tomorrow we will buy another Earth" (2004)

"Birth Dialogue" (2007)

"Giving birth at home-stories of home births" (2010).

Directing and editing promos

Director of promos for Keshet.

Director of educational promos.

Director of the well-publicized Independence Struggle video.

Video Editing

"The next star", Keshet (3 seasons), "Family in concert", the music channel, "Usoush Shashtan", Channel 10, "Yisher Lalev", network, "Shay BeShidor", network, "Paul Moon", drama, Durst, "The Boys and the Girls", Durst.

Some work

Showril from the happy educational days

Directing promos for Keshet

Dialog Lida - the promo

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